About Us

We've worked with Information Technology and Communications (ITC) and especially the Internet for over 18 years. We've noticed that a lot of small organisations don't get a good deal when it comes to IT products. Software is too complicated and expensive and service providers assume big budgets.

Our philosophy is like that of a good craftsperson: we believe in using the right tool for the job. We won't sell you an all singing, all dancing website or software product when you won't get a return on your investment from it.

Regina Huntington, Director

MAppSc, CompSc; BaAppSc, CompTech

Regina has been an Internet user and programmer since 1991. Her qualifications as a Software Engineer include a Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Technology (Victoria University) and a Master of Applied Science by Research, Computer Science (University of South Australia). Regina developed the first Website for the University of South Australia in 1994, and went on to manage the Intranet (internal Internet site) of the Motorola Australia Software Centre (MASC), Adelaide until 1997. She was involved in planning and developing major internal websites while at JSC Australia during 1999.

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